Clinical reasoning is considered fundamental to all forms of health care and is seemingly as difficult to define as it is to teach. Clinicians generally ‘know it when they see it’, but rarely stop to consider what is meant by it, and more importantly, how to teach it to the next generation of clinicians.


This course is aimed at all allied health professionals and allied health assistants who supervise and mentor students as well as early career staff.


In the completion of this half-day training, participants will gain the following:

  • Introduction to clinical reasoning
  • Differences between experienced clinicians and novices
  • Five types of clinical reasoning
  • Teaching clinical reasoning
  • Making thinking visible


Office of the Chief Allied Health Officer.

Completion requirements

To be marked as completing the training, you are required to attend the training in full (100% attendance).

How to enrol

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For information regarding the course, contact:

Allied Health Clinical Educator

p 8944 8608