Introduction to Clinical Supervision

In 2013, the NT Clinical Supervision Support Program (CSSP) supported the development of an inter-profession Clinical Supervision eLearning Packages with funding made available by Health Workforce Australia.

The online packages are a set of 3 modules:

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Clinical Supervision
  • Module 2 - Teaching and Learning in the Workplace
  • Module 3 - Developing Professional Expertise

Designed for all health professionals who are interested in starting or have recently become involved in clinical supervision of students or new graduates in the workplace. The modules are appropriate for those new to supervision offering foundation knowledge but will act as a refresher and allow reflection for experienced supervisors also. The NT CSSP aim to improve support to all clinical supervisors, especially those in remote team settings with this package.


How to enrol

NTG Users

Non-NTG Users

NTG Staff are to use their ePASS User ID and password.

If you do not remember your ePASS password, contact the NTG Service Centre on 1800 000 254.

1. On this page, SCROLL UP and click on the course name (TOP left of the screen),

2. Login to MyLearning with your NTG ePASS username and password.

3. The same page as this page will be displayed with an Enrol Me button at the bottom.

4. SCROLL DOWN on the webpage and click the Enrol me button

Click on the link below:

Note: There will be a short delay as the form loads.

1. Complete the Employment Details including email address

2. Click the Verify User Account button

3. Complete Applicant Details

3. Select course: [Introduction to Clinical Supervision (9476)]

4. Select course date [eg. 31 December 2014]

5. Complete reason for applying for course

6. Click Submit button

The CSSP Course Coordinator will process your application.

If approved, your MyLearning account will be created.

Once you have a MyLearning account, you will be able to view this course.

Contact: eLearning Centre (08) 89 227022 / for assistance if required.