This full day face to face course is a requirement for all Staff working with Paediatric patients to complete.  It aims to consolidate staff learning on recognition and management along with maintaining recency and competency in Paediatric life support.


OPTIMUS Practical (R&R and Paediatric Life Support) is a course for health care staff, with an emphasis on:

  • Recognising and responding to the deteriorating paediatric patient.
  • Performing high quality team based CPR in a timely, sequential manner with an emphasis on good communication.


By the end of this full day course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of early recognition, management and escalation of care for the deteriorating child
  • Use a structured approach in the assessment and management of a deteriorating paediatric patient
  • Explain why good teamwork and communication are essential for optimal outcomes in resuscitation (use names, allocate and accept roles).
  • Recognise and provide initial management of shockable and non-shockable cardiac rhythms including safe defibrillation.
  • Gain knowledge and skills in paediatric airway management - optimal airway positioning, use of adjuncts, and Bag Mask Ventilation
  • Gain knowledge and skills in management of circulation in the paediatric patient – intraosseous access, fluid resuscitation, resuscitation medications
  • Understand why teamwork and communication is a key component in managing these situations.


It is a prerequisite that all participants at the practical course have undertaken the OPTIMUS CORE and PULSE e-learning modules (found at prior to attending the session.

We have been given permission from Qld Health STORK team for staff to access the Queensland iLearn online platform.


No Cost


Face-to-Face course 

To complete this course, attendees must attend the full day.

How to enrol

Please note that enrolling into this course will not secure a spot on an upcoming training session. To book in for a session, first enrol here then select an available session under the 'Book Here' tab.


Use the 'Enrol me' button located at the bottom of this page. If you cannot see the 'Enrol me' button at the bottom of this page, please CLICK HERE and re-check for the 'Enrol me' button at the bottom of this page. Clicking on the 'Enrol me' button will enrol you in the course and take you to the course homepage. Then you will be able to sign-up to a training session.

NTG Staff – login with your NTG LAN details. These are the same details you use to log onto your work computer.

Non-NTG Staff – login with your MyLearning account details or apply for a MyLearning account using the Application form for non-departmental staff.

Upload Completed Core and Pulse Certificates

Once your certificates have been uploaded and marked a book here tab will become visible to book into a day.

Please note, in order to book into the sessions below, you must enrol into this course first. 

Forthcoming Training Dates- 2023

Date/Time Venue

March 27th 2024

8:00- 16:30

Simulation Lab/ Walker room

CLEaRS Building 4 RDH

May 31st 2024

8:00- 16:30

Simulation Lab/ Walker room

CLEaRS Building 4 RDH

July 23rd 2024

8:00- 16:30

Simulation Lab/ Walker room

CLEaRS Building 4 RDH

September 24th 2024

8:00- 16:30

Simulation Lab/ Walker room

CLEaRS Building 4 RDH

November 29th 2024

8:00- 16:30

Simulation Lab/ Walker room

CLEaRS Building 4 RDH

Cancellation Policy

A non-attendance fee of $100 may apply if notice of cancellation is not received at least 12 hours prior to course commencement.


For information regarding the course, contact:
{Paediatric Nurse educators}
p {08 88441390}